Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We are sitting and playing the only video game she ever plays. It is a snowboarding game. I am not very good at it. She is. She plays through a course. Then it is my turn.

I start my course. I play for about twenty seconds.

"Oh, crap. Dear, can you go check the car windows for me? It looks like it's started raining."

I pause and she holds her hand out for the controller. "I'll play the rest of your turn. Otherwise I'll be sitting here bored." I know it won't take long to check the windows, but I hand her the controller.

I go outside. The windows are all up. I walk back into the house and check the house windows for good measure. I sit down. She finishes the course. I put my hand out.

"No. That was your turn. I wouldn't have picked that course. It's my turn now."

I smile and watch her play. Watching would be boring if she were as mediocre at the game as I am, but her way of playing is quite exciting and impressive.

When it's my turn again, I play for about twenty seconds.

"It looks like the dog needs to go outside. Could you take her out, Honey? You're going to have to stay out with her to make sure she doesn't get into any mud."

I pause and hand her the controller. I understand what she is doing.

I take the dog outside and I watch her play through the window while I'm outside. She finishes my turn and starts another course. The dog is done and we come back inside. She finishes the course and I put my hand out.

"No. It's my turn now."

"Are you sure?" I ask. "That was a different course than I picked."

"Yes. I'm sure. I was nice to you and let you play twice in a row."

"I see. Thank you."

She beams. "I love you, that's why!"

"I love you, too."

I watch her play again. At the end of her turn, she hands the controller to me.

"Are you sure you don't want two turns in a row? After all, you gave me two turns in a row."

"No. That's fine. You're a boy. Boys need more turns at things like video games."

I nod and start playing. I play for about 20 seconds.

"Darling, could you go in the bedroom and make sure the DVR in there is set to record House Hunters?"

I pause and hand her the controller.

I walk into the bedroom and turn on the television. House Hunters is not set to record because they play long marathons of it nightly. Regardless, I set it to record House Hunters. For good measure, I also set it to record House Hunters International, which conflicts with a show I like to watch. I roll my eyes and make House Hunters International a priority over my show. I turn off the television and walk back out to the living room. I sit on the couch just as her turn ends. I don't put out my hand until she hands me the controller.

I raise my eyebrow at her and she smirks. I start playing. I play for about 20 seconds.

"On second thought, could you set it not to record House Hunters? I'm fairly certain it won't kill me to miss it sometimes. It's on all the time."

I grin at her and hand her the controller without even pausing. I walk back into the bedroom and turn on the television and set the DVR to not record House Hunters or House Hunters International. I turn off the television.

She's not doing this to get more time with the video game. She can have as much time with the video game as she wants by telling me that I don't get to play right now. She's toying with me. She's trying to see how long it takes before I start grumbling. This keeps happening for another two hours or so. I can tell she's getting really bored with the game, but is more than delighted to keep playing in order to figure out what silly things she can get me to do without me questioning them. I slice some cheese, but put it in the fridge "for a snack later." I prep the garbage and take it to the curb even though garbage day is a day away and it's raining outside. I bring the garbage back up the drive and put it in the garage because garbage day is a day away and she "forgot" even though I reminded her. I pet her cat because she hasn't had enough attention from me and she thinks the cat is sad about that. (Her cat does not particularly want to be petted, but I chase her down until she relents.) I get her water. And then I dump her water because she decides she wants juice instead. Then I get her more water because she wants both.

The last time she hands me the controller I don't even pay attention to what course I'm picking. I know I won't get to play all the way through. I play for about 20 seconds.

"I feel like you haven't kissed me in forever," she says.

I pause. Nobody finishes the course.


  1. This is good writing - I shall enjoy exploring your erotic and emotional adventures!


    1. Thank you for the compliment, Giles! I shall enjoy your exploration.